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Related Resources and Links about Phoenicia (including the Ancient World, the Near East, and Lebanon) and the Forgotten Christians of the East

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Kadmos Org
Les Phéniciens
World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU)
For a mosaic of the ethnic groups that form the peoples of the Middle East, click "Present." These ethnic groups are not all Arabs, as most people think.
Photographic galleries of Phoenicia through the lens of Peter Brown, a Lithuanian/ Scottish American. Visit his site by clicking on the image of Tyre below.

Al-Mashriq (Rich source of Middle Eastern materials)
American Lebanese Coordination Council (ALCC)
Amphorae found while diving in Lebanon
Ancient Ship Wrecks (Phoenician, Greek, Roman and other ancient ship wrecks)
Antioch: The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch
Aramaic Democratic Organization
Aramean people of Mesopotamia
Arameans of Mesopotamia, the present-day Assyrian Christians
Armenian Patriarchate of St. James, Jerusalem, Israel
Assyria online, Ancient History
Assyria: The State of Assyria, superior site about Assyria and the Aramaic language
Assyrian Academic Society
Assyrian Aramaic: Learn Online
Beith Souryoy -- Morounoy --The Syriac Maronites
Bet-nahrain® (beautiful Assyrian website with great Eastern Churches resources)
Beth Mardutho Syriac Site (Syriac fonts and computer systems)
Certaines publications sur le sujet des Phéniciens par le Dr Clovis Y Karam
Community of Maryam and Martha, Lebanese association that caters for women's need
CopticWeb dedicates to the persecuted Copts of Egypt
Encyclopedia Coptica (The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church Of Egypt)
Fenici, un popolo di navigatori (Phoenicians, a people of sailors) large site in Italian.
Fenicia Inc.
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Byblos and Botrys (Mount Lebanon)
History of Christianity in Egypt
History of -- The Macedonian Nation (site dedicated to the history and struggle of the Macedonian nation)
Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East (Commission on Inter-church Relations and Education Development (CIRED)
Institute for Phoenician and Punic Civilization
International Christian Concern -- Persecution Org
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Jews of Lebanon, The
Lebanese Language: Pronunciation, Grammar, Examples, Songs and Dictionary
Les patriarches de Bkerké (The Maronite Patriarchate of Bkerke)
Les Phéniciens (A large site on the Phoenicians in French)
Maalula, An encounter with history, a town in Syria where the language of Jesus Christ is still spoken today.
Maronite Mummies
Michael Khoury, The Art of
Nestorian Orthodox Church - Nasrani Church of the East - Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Nineveh & Assyria On-Line
Peshitta Aramaic/English Interlinear New Testament
Pilgrimage to Lebanon
Saint Mary's Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Site des Eglises Catholiques du Liban (Site of Lebanese Catholic Churches)
Suryoyo Online -- Journal of Syriac Orthodox Church, (Arameans and Syriac Studies world wide)

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