Eulogy to May Murr, Lebanese poet, historian and pillar of culture

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Eulogy to May Murr,
Lebanese poet, historian and pillar of culture

In Memoriam, May Murr“As you know by now, Phoenicia has lost a prominent scholar and a great advocate, being our beloved May Murr, the poet, historian and Phoenician “teacher” from the School of Thought of our own poet the great Said Akl. In these moments of sadness, we pray for her Soul that is resting beside our Lord, the Creator and the Protector of the faith and our eternal Culture. I thought that few words may not suffice for a great Phoenician star that has ceased to shine on earth. These words may not be sufficient in the light of her deeds and contributions to our Culture, but as they come from a mourning heart saddened by the loss of a loved fellow Phoenician they may ease the pain of many although not compensate for the loss of a great Phoenician scholar and advocate”.

Ladies and Gentlemen and fellow Phoenician countrymen and women,

Praise to our Phoenician Ancestry and our Heritage.

Hail those who have kept the fire of the Torch burning in the spirit and soul of every Phoenician in the Diaspora and all around Christendom and Phoenicia.

Today, we stand in silence for the departed Soul of a Phoenician Queen who spent her life preaching Phoenician culture and spreading the message. From the School of Said Akl to the books of history, May Murr we salute you and bow before the greatness that Phoenicia has bestowed upon You. May Murr, Phoenicia’s beloved daughter and our most distinguished modern Lebanese writer on the Lebanon and Phoenicia that we love, admire and worship. To You, daughter of Baal and Ishtar’s favourite Princess, faithful rose of the Phoenician Coast and Mountains, beautiful and adorable sister of Cadmus and the great thinker and a colleague of Zeno the Stoic (notwithstanding the over two millennium period in between gloriously stretching over 7000 years of Phoenician civilization), our own Phoenician stock and faith, bred and raised under the banner that made us all unite in the name of Lebanon, Phoenician Lebanon, we salute your spirit that is now resting beside our Lord, the Protector of our eternal Lebanese Phoenician Culture.

To all of You, fellow members of the Phoenician Diaspora, please remember May Murr in your prayers every night, the way she remembered Lebanon every night and every minute of her life, the Lebanon that our Martyrs have shed their blood for, the resting ground of our ancestors, our homeland and the last bastion of Christianity in an intolerant Middle East. Please remember the woman who has inspired a nation and summed up its aptitudes and aspirations. Remember her poems, her writings and her “love to death” of our beloved Lebanese Phoenician Culture. Remember her inspirational thoughts and coach them to your daughters so we may have hundreds and thousands of inspired Phoenician women like May Murr, who will pass on the illuminating Torch to our children. From Generation to generation, keep the spirit up so people like May Murr will rest in peace knowing that their legacy is living in the sons and daughters of the Nation that they have strived all their lives to promote and preserve its history and culture. That nation of Lebanon, Phoenician Lebanon eternal like the Lord and His Cedars.

To all of You, I say Lebanon was, is and will always be Phoenician, Phoenician and Phoenician. Remember this every morning and every night when you salute the Lord in your prayers. No matter what they endeavour to achieve in distorting history and bastardizing the Constitution, do not give up the struggle which justifies our presence and existence. To them we say like our greatest Carthigian Tertullian, to you persecutors of our Culture “Persecute us, torment us, torture us, this is the testimony of our innocence”. This testimony will lead our nation to regain its rightful place in the sun and like our own Phoenix, we will raise from our ashes where our supreme Phoenician Culture and Race will prevail. It is certain, definite, imminent, forthcoming and just a matter of time.

Watch out enemies of Phoenicia, Hannibal’s Contingent will advance and regain what history and the nomads have unfairly stolen from us. We will reclaim and rightly so what historically and rightfully ours so May Murr’s soul can rest in peace forever.

Long Live Greater Phoenicia.

Georges Elias

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