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In the Farcego Palace of Art please find paintings of Salim Khalaf's distant cousins throughout the world and across the centuries. The 15 paintings are hot-linked. Please mouse-over to read the name of the cousin then click any to see enlarged versions in new windows. They remain open for 5 seconds then close automatically. I hope you would have a most enjoyable visit. Please click slowly while the images load.

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Farcego Palace of Art Chavalier de Salibari et de Guénégaud-Montagnac Duke of Salmsbury, Treasurer to Henry VIII Salaliwalipour, Fakir Cardinal Selinus Kolfartini, Vatican Secretary Salmual Tailor Coleridge, Romantic Movement poet Sultan Selim Khan, Ottoman High Port Viscount Slim Plantagenet Salamemnon, third son of the King Atreus of Mycenae (first left) with Achilles (first right) Mousquetaire Saramis, the Fifth Mousquetaire du Roi Louis XIV Patriarch Silmaxious of See of Kalefsa Saint Slamatheous Simlon de Kalertesque, Knight Templar Admiral Sal McLoghlan Sakaljuanramatan, Witch Doctor Slammy Idol, Rock Star
After looking at these paintings, you will be amazed to realize the family resemblance of the "cousins."
What is remarkable is the fact that all of the cousins have 2 or 3 consonants in their names that are the same as mine.

Following are the names of Salimangel George Khalaf's cousins:lolroflol
Note: All names are linked to respective paintings and open in a new window that closes automatically in 5 seconds. To open an alternative window that remains open until you close it, use the Static link.

  1. Slammy Idol, Rock Star -- (Static)

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Salim is from Shalim, Phoenician god of dusk, whose place was Urushalim/Jerusalem
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