Creating Arab origins: Muslim Arabs constructions of al‐Jāhiliyya and Arab history

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Seventh century AD Arab text from Quran
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Origin of the Arabs, Middle Eastern ethnicity and myth-making

Arab History and Pre-Islamic civilization was made up long after the coming of Muhammad:
Creating Arab origins: Muslim constructions of al‐Jāhiliyya and Arab history was comparable to the creation of the Aeneid to give the Romans a noble origin in Greek culture of the Iliad and Odyssey

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After a thorough study of the roots of languages that descended from what is called Semitic and the fact that there were no first hand written accounts of the history of what is called Arabia, the attached thesis gives the scholar a lot to think about. Besides, written materials on rocks, leather or paper in Arabic did not appear before the first century AD, any study of that part of the world has to depend on what historian from outside that culture left us, with too many misconceptions, misunderstanding and made up stories. Herodotus, the Greek historian, blunders in his written accounts with shambles that put him to shame. Please see:

The basic points that obliterate Arab history before Islam are the following:

  1. No written records before the first century AD about Arabia or in Arabic
  2. No dependable resource to base any study on because all resources were unreliable verbal ones committed to memory from generation to generation.
  3. No secondary sources that prove foreign claims about Arabian history.
  4. Post-Islamic studies that prove the invention of Pre-Islamic history and Jāhiliyya literature.

The very thorough thesis by Dr Peter A. Webb who is currently a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, exposes the faulsehood and unfounded lies that are propagated by Arabists in this 21st century. The thesis is very well referenced and researched. Please see:

Creating Arab origins: Muslim constructions of al‐Jāhiliyya and Arab history. PhD Thesis. SOAS, University of London (1.5 MB PDF)

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