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Phoenicia Prima Welcomes the Return of Africa's Circumnavigators

Phoenicia Prima welcomes Africa's circumnavigators

The major cities of Phoenicia Prima are preparing to celebrate the return of the ship Phoenicia after completing the circumnavigation of Africa 2600 years after the original Phoenicians. The cities of Tyre, Sidon, Beirut and Byblos are jubilant to welcome the ship to their shores with celebrations and receptions to mark the anniversary of the original trip sponsored by Pharaoh Necho 600 B.C.

2600 Years Later

The crew and captain, Philip Beale of the ship Phoenicia, will visit the major cities of Phoenicia Prima (Phoenicia Maritima) on their way to complete their journey around Africa that began in Arwad,Coele Syria (previous part of Phoenicia Prima) and will end in the same city. The ship Phoenicia, will make courtesy calls on the ports of Tyre, Sidon, Beirut, and Byblos.

Preparations to Mark the Anniversary

The Phoenician International Research Center (PIRC) Inc. of Chapel Hill, NC, is preparing celebrations of these calls on the Phoenician cities and the representative of the PIRC in Lebanon, Eng. George Nassif Faddoul, is organizing the celebration with official and non-official bodies including archaeological and genetic research societies to welcome the captain and the crew.

Full Program Forthcoming

This brief is a short summary of the plans. More will come as final preparations are in place.

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Voyage Progress

To track the periodic progress of the ship by satellite, please follow the link.

Home Site of the Voyage

The home site of the voyage is in the U.K. and the URL: The site is not affiliated with this site

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