Deacon Abdalla Zakhir made the first Arabic Pres, Photographs of his Presses >

Zakhir, Guttenburg of the East

Photographs of Zakhir's Presses

All handmade by him and preserved in his home monastery museum. All photographs are © copyright.

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The monastery where
Zakhir lived and worked

Some of the books printed on Zakhir's press.

The first book printed on Zakhir's press "The Scale of Time" (Mezaan al Zamaan) in 1734.

More books printed on Zakhir's press where more woodcut engravings and decorations were added.

Elaborate book covers printed on Zakhir's presses.

Book cover molds used to decorate the books printed on Zakhir's presses.

One of Zakhir's early presses.

Press paper cutter used for Zakhir's presses.

Book binder used for Zakhir's presses.

Lead slugs of Arabic characters used on Zakhir's presses.

Whole word lead slugs used on Zakhir's presses.

Binder clamp for Zakhir's books.

One of Zakhir's presses.

One of the advanced Zakhir presses.

Book binding clamps used in Zakhir's presses.

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