Patriarchs and Matriarchs Online of Souk El-Gharb and Bmakine

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9zLucgeoMy beloved parents,
Lucy & George Khalaf
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To view my family's old 16mm, 8mm and super8, movies, click here for the "Home Movies Page"

To view my new branch of family trees, click on " the Hajjar Family Tree".

Patriarchs and Matriarchs Online

This page is unrelated to the subject material of the Phoenicia Web site in which it is housed; however, it is specifically published to provide friends, relatives and people of my hometown, Bmakine, Souk El-Gharb and the neighboring towns an opportunity to see photographs of their ancestors especially since most homes and irreplaceable memorabilia from these towns were lost during the Lebanese war. If you cannot find a photograph of a person you are looking for among these photos, please let me know. I have many more photographs which are not, as yet, published on this site.

I must admit that I was lucky because I was able to save these photographs when I left forever and others were collected and saved from the rubble of my home. Many of them carry the scars of the war, time and nature. I employed the most advanced technologies to restore them back to life and I hope I did not over do it.

I've created a new branch of pages which contain Family Trees. At this time, I have just one Family Tree ready for view by the public, see above right.

Patriarchs, Matriarches and generations of people from my hometown

(Click on the thumbnail image to view a larger image which itself is linked to an even larger image.)

1habib../a><br />
      Habib Hajjar, 1800</b></font></td>
    <td width= 2drhelena 3hanneantoon../a><br />
  Hanneh & Antoon Hajjar, 1800s</b></font></td>
    <td width= 4rosekhalilmansor../a><br />
  Rose (aunt of Iskandar Khalil) Hajjar & Mansour (husband)</b></font></td>
    <td width= 5skandar../a><br />
  Skandar & Nazeera Hajjar, 1800s</b></font></td>
    <td width= 6salimatiyyeh../a><br />
      Dr. Salim Atiyyeh, 1800s</b></font></td>
    <td width= 7besharahajjar../a><br />
      Beshara Hajjar (my great grandfather), Paris 1900</b></font></td>
    <td width= 8selmafarid../a><br />
  Salma & Farid Khalaf (my grandparents) on their wedding day</b></font></td>
    <td width= 9awadehmarieshaiyb../a><br />
  Marie & Wadeeh Shaiyb</b></font></td>
    <td width= 9blabeebeshammo../a><br />
  Labeebe, Nabiha (Shammo) & Nasif Hajjar with their mother</b></font></td>
    <td width= 9gmarie../a><br />
      Marie Khalaf Daher</b></font></td>
    <td width= 9xbeach../a><br />
  Khalaf's & Hajjars at the beach including my parents and grandmothers, 
      uncles, aunts, and others</b></font></td>

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(Click on the thumbnail image to view a larger image which itself is linked to an even larger image.)
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