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From this page, I am providing links to clips of home movies taken between 1949 and 1977. The earlier movies were taken by my father and uncle Robert while the latter ones were taken by my sister, Mabel and myself. Some these movies contain clips of people who never appear elsewhere in motion pictures. Almost all of what is in these clips was taken in my hometown, Souk El-Gharb and Bmakine, Lebanon. Sound effects and music that accompany these clips are modern day additions since home movies from the early years were mostly silent movies.

After 1977, in fact in 1979, all my family's home movies were not done on film but on VHS videos since video cameras or camcorders became the order of the day.

I am providing the clips in QuickTime. Usually such audio-visual materials take time to download because of their files are quite large. Please be patient, if you intend to watch any of these movies. I've done my best to make the files as small as possible yet tried to maintain some image quality.

I will add many new old-clips as time permits.

Click to let me know you visited or re-visited.

If you are interested in larger, clearer files of the same, please let me know. I could send you high quality copies on CD-ROM.

Click for a movie of a visit to us by my aunt Bertha and her family in 1952:

  • QuickTime movie, 1,100 K

    • People appearing in this clip are (left to right after the camera goes all over the grorup): Mabel, sister, Norma, cousin, Carol, cousin, Bertha, aunt, Joseph, her husband, Lucy, my mother, Danielle, sister, Selma, grandmother, myself (in my her lap), Farid, grandfather, Serge Aziz, baby brother, Carmen, cousin, Ronnie, cousin, Robert, uncle, Edgar, uncle, and Adel Hajjar, my friend appears for a second on the right of the frame. All Khalafs, Tayyars and Hajjars.

Click for a movie of me as a child:

Click for Lebanon College of Souk El-Gharb (LCS) Graduation 58/59 -- Daniel's & Mabel's.

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