Souk El-Gharb and Bmakine, Lebanon

For a full all-inclusive history of Souk El-Gharb and Bmakine, please visit the related page in this site.

This is a photograph of my hometown, Souk El-Gharb & Bmakine. I took this photograph one Spring morning near Bsous, a village on the road to Souk El-Gharb. In about the middle of the photograph, Deir Es-Sheer Byzantine Greek Catholic Monastery of St. George may be viewed (see the inside of the abbey or see a general view of the town and the abbey from a higher elevation looking down). It has a red tiled roof and was built in 1750 by the monks of the Order of St. Basil. The Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. George (also) is hardly visible at the edge of the mountain blending into the sky.

The town, as well as many other surrounding towns and villages were ravaged by war beginning in the later 70s. These places were looted, ruined and destroyed by the waves of invaders. The people were killed, maimed, displaced or simply died while other emigrated (like myself) never to return.

The quality of the photograph is not good because it is a third-hand reproduction from a slide.

To view photographs taken in the mountain, please follow these links looking down from home, the way Home, the street were I rode my bike, the neighborhood, my home , my grandparent/uncle's Hajjar Hotel (all five photographs were provided by kind courtesy of my friend, Nakhle Hajjar.)

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