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Patriarchs and Matriarchs
My beloved parents,
Lucy & George Khalaf
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Patriarchs and Matriarchs Online


Patriarchs, Matriarches and generations of people from my hometown

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Hajjar women inclding grandmother and great-aunts
Lucy Hajjar Khalaf, my mother
Pierette, Lucy and Nina Hajjar, my aunts and mother
Robert Khalaf with French military
Salim Hajjar, my great-uncle
George Khalaf, Emile & Karim Hajjar, Mitre Baroudy, William Hajjar and Ni'ola Habib
William and Bahiyya Hajjar's wedding
Marie, Albert, Tofik and George Baroudy, my great-uncles and their son and daughter
Bertha Khalaf and Joseph Tayyar, my aunt on her wedding
Fuad Hajjar, my grandmother's cousin

Adel Baroudy, Nazleh Hajjar (grandmother), Rosa, Linda Hajjar and Victoria (sisters), great-aunts

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