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The Encyclopaedia Phoeniciana gallery of images is a collection of restored electronic graphics that are the intellectual property and work of the author of this website:

All images in this collection are reproduced from live, online, collections or museum photographs. They focus on the heyday of the Canaanite Phoenicians, Punic and their world. They present some images that shed light on other cultures which the Phoenicians had contact with whether in the East or the West, including the coastlines of the Mediterranean.

They are restored, as much as humanly possible, to what they may have looked like originally.

The majority of these electronic images are
© Copyright, Salim Khalaf,
, 1996 to 2050
and the intellectual property of the author. They may not be used without permission. The copyrights relate to the editorially and electronically changed state of these graphics and not to the original graphics, photographs or drawings made by a large number of people.

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Phoenicia, A Bequest Unearthed -- Phoenician Encyclopedia

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The material in this website was researched, compiled, & designed by Salim George Khalaf as owner, author & editor.
Declared and implied copyright laws must be observed at all time for all text or graphics in compliance with international and domestic legislation.

Contact: Salim George Khalaf, Byzantine Phoenician Descendent
Salim is from Shalim, Phoenician god of dusk, whose place was Urushalim/Jerusalem
"A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia" — Encyclopedia Phoeniciana

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